How to Add a Calendar to Your Mac Menu Bar with Ease

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It always seemed natural to me to click on the time and date on the Mac Menu Bar in order to view a calendar so I can see future dates. However, even in 2020, Apple still hasn’t included that feature in OS/X. I searched for a lightweight application that can be used to add a simple calendar to your mac menu bar. I didn’t want any fancy features or extra bloat, I just wanted to be able to view the upcoming week. Finally, I found a solution.

Shaun Inman (a software developer I’ve been following ever since he wrote the, now discontinued, Mint Analytics Suite) wrote a quick swift app called Day-O that solves the problem of not having quick access to a calendar on the mac.

Put a calendar in your mac menu bar

Day-O is a free, but unmaintained application that can be used to replace the system clock in your mac menu bar. It provides the usual date and time, but also has a feature that displays a simple calendar when it is clicked.

It is a simple and elegant solution if you need quick access to a calendar from your menu bar.