How to Quickly Install Theia Using Docker

Theia is an open-source integrated development environment that is web based and can be self-hosted on any server and easy deployed via docker. It allows you to pull any git repository make quick edits to files within your browser and push those changes back to a repository with ease. Theia supports multiple code languages and contains full featured integrated terminal.

I use Theia to edit files that are in my git repository that is self-hosted by gitea. I am currently using it to type up this blog post. Because they don’t have an armhf compatible docker image, I am running the container on docker in an amd64 environment.

Theia Screenshot

Theia Docker Run Command

To install Theia on Docker, run the following command in terminal:

docker run -it \
--name=theia \
-p 8050:3000 \

The above command will spin up an instance of Theia on port 8050. Once it is running, you can access the application by visiting http://HOSTIP:8050.