MediaWiki URL

How to Change Your MediaWiki URL

May 18, 2020 Patrick 0

After the initial installation, the MediaWiki platform does not have a built-in application administration and configuration section. If you are self-hosting a MediaWiki instance, or changing web hosting companies or domains, then occasionally you may need to adjust the MediaWiki URL for the installation in order to keep the application functioning properly.

Docker Logo

Add a Host Entry to a Docker Container in 1 Simple Step

May 15, 2020 Patrick 0

Occasionally when working with a pre-built Docker Container image, it will become necessary for you to add an entry to the /etc/hosts file within the Docker container. Docker provides an easy way to add a host entry to a docker container. An example of when would become necessary is if you are installing Wordpress as a Docker container and then receiving the Wordpress loopback error when you login to the admin screen.

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2 Commands to Quickly View Docker Disk Space Usage

May 11, 2020 Patrick 0

Between downloading and playing with new container images, running different variations different containerized applications within Docker, and building various new containers it is easy for Docker to start taking up serious space on your host machine. If you run a lot of containers that require persistent volumes, Docker will create those localized volumes on your system in the background as the container is initializing. This can create a lot of Docker disk space usage.

Dokuwiki Logo

How to Quickly Install DokuWiki on Docker

May 7, 2020 Patrick 2

DokuWiki is a free and open-source wiki platform that you can self-host on Docker. It is super simple to use, you can edit pages using markdown or install a WYSIWYG editor. What makes DokuWiki unique when compared to other Wiki software is that it stores it’s information in markdown files on your server rather than relying on a separate database. Since it doesn’t require a separate database, DokuWiki is not only very simple to install, it is also quick and responsive.

Docker Logo

The Basic Anatomy of a Docker Run Command

May 6, 2020 Patrick 0

In order to get a good understanding of Docker, you must first master the basics. Once you’ve installed docker, and gone over the basic commands, it is now time to dive deeper into those commands in order to understand what their function is and what you can do with them. This article will help you understand the basics of one of your most used docker commands. The docker run command. It is one of the first commands you learn as a beginner and also one of the most important.

Animcal Crossing: New Horizons

Getting Log Stakes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is Simple

May 5, 2020 Patrick 0

If you’ve just started playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you have realized that life on your island would be a lot easier if you could build bridges in order to cross the river. However, the recipe to build the wooden bridge asks for log stakes. How do you get log stakes in Animal Crossing?

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15 Basic Docker Compose Commands for Beginners

May 4, 2020 Patrick 0

After writing the 25 Basic Docker Commands for Beginners article, it was only natural that I start exploring the functions of Docker Compose. While running container using a docker run command is an easy way to get your containers up and running, using a docker-compose.yml file will ensure that your environmental variables and other parameters are saved making it easy to redeploy your containers across Docker host machines.

Wireguard in Docker

How to Install Wireguard in Docker

April 30, 2020 Patrick 7

Using a VPN is a great way to secure your personal data from getting sniffed out on public networks. You can install a VPN server on your home network and use a VPN client on your laptop or phone. The VPN client will encrypt and secure your web traffic and send it to your home network to be processed. If you have Pi-hole running on your home network as well, your VPN clients will benefit from it’s filtering capabilities no matter where you are. For this tutorial, we will be installing Wireguard in a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu 18.04.4 Bionic.

wordpress cron

Use this Easy Cron Job to Backup your Website

April 28, 2020 Patrick 0

Using cron as a quick and easy way to backup your website often goes overlooked. Website owners who use WordPress as a content management system often use WordPress plugins that can bog down their installation and make their website less responsive.

Raspberry Pi Terminal Comands

19 Simple Raspberry Pi Terminal Commands for Beginners

April 27, 2020 Patrick 0

The Raspberry Pi is an awesome single-board computer that you can use to start learning the Linux operating system. It’s got just enough processor power and ram to make itself incredibly useful. In some cases, it can even replace your desktop PC. This guide is designed to provide beginners with some simple Raspberry Pi terminal commands that will help familiarize them with basic configuration of the Raspberry Pi and how to navigate through the file system via a terminal interface.