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Use this Easy Cron Job to Backup your Website

April 28, 2020 Patrick 0

Using cron as a quick and easy way to backup your website often goes overlooked. Website owners who use WordPress as a content management system often use WordPress plugins that can bog down their installation and make their website less responsive.

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How to Fix the WordPress Loopback Error?

April 26, 2020 Patrick 2

WordPress is a very powerful website content management system that is used by millions. Sometimes the application will kick back errors that will make you scratch your head, such as the common loopback error that you may see when it runs a site health check.

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One Simple Fix for the HTTPS Mixed Content Error in WordPress

April 22, 2020 Patrick 2

The mixed content error is an example of how making site-wide changes to your WordPress installation can complicate things, especially when your site has been up and running for a while. Making an adjustment as simple as installing an SSL certificate and changing the site settings to point to HTTPS instead of HTTP may not always work out as planned. It can also force web browsers to give your users … (Click To Read)

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Creating a basic WordPress Cron Job in 3 easy steps

April 18, 2020 Patrick 0

To keep things running smoothly, the Wordpress blogging platform requires a cron job that will run from time to time. Cron is a job scheduler that Wordpress uses to do things like check for software updates, publish scheduled posts, and send trackback pings. Many plugins that you install to Wordpress will use cron as well for their various functions. If cron isn’t running properly, then these important background tasks will not run.