How to Quickly Install Theia Using Docker 1

How to Quickly Install Theia Using Docker

March 18, 2020 Patrick 0

Theia is an open-source integrated development environment that is web based and can be self-hosted on any server and easy deployed via docker. It allows you to pull any git repository make quick edits to files within your browser and push those changes back to a repository with ease. Theia supports multiple code languages and contains full featured integrated terminal.


Painlessly Running a Gitea Docker Container on Raspberry Pi

March 9, 2020 Patrick 0

While I typically use Gitlab to house my git repositories, I have been looking for a much lighter solution that can be installed as a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi 4. I’m just a hobbyist and was not able to take advantage of the advanced features that Gitlab has to offer. I wanted a solution that was lightweight, open-source, and cross-platform. After some research, I decided to install Gitea.