How to Quickly Install Heimdall Using Docker 1

How to Quickly Install Heimdall Using Docker

March 22, 2020 Patrick 2

Heimdall is a quick and easy way to organize all of your applications and frequently visited links into one page. Personally, I have enabled the Google search bar and use this application as my browser start page. Once you add your application to the dashboard through its easy to use interface, you can drag and drop to move the buttons around as you see fit.

How to Quickly Install Theia Using Docker 2

How to Quickly Install Theia Using Docker

March 18, 2020 Patrick 0

Theia is an open-source integrated development environment that is web based and can be self-hosted on any server and easy deployed via docker. It allows you to pull any git repository make quick edits to files within your browser and push those changes back to a repository with ease. Theia supports multiple code languages and contains full featured integrated terminal.

Running Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi using Docker 3

Running Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi using Docker

March 16, 2020 Patrick 0

Home Assistant is open-source, self-hosted software that will allow you to control various devices in your home. It is extremely flexible and can be used to tie together multiple sensors and services to create the ultimate smart home. As I continue to learn about the functionality of Home Assistant I’ll add more posts about setting up sensors and other devices.


Running Bitwarden on a Raspberry Pi using Docker is Easy!

March 12, 2020 Patrick 11

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that can be self-hosted at home to keep your passwords and other private data secure. The official Bitwarden image only supports the amd64 architecture and I needed a container that I could run on my Raspberry Pi 4 cluster. Luckily I found Bitwarden_rs which is not as resource intensive as the official image and is perfect for small self-hosted environments.


Painlessly Running a Gitea Docker Container on Raspberry Pi

March 9, 2020 Patrick 0

While I typically use Gitlab to house my git repositories, I have been looking for a much lighter solution that can be installed as a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi 4. I’m just a hobbyist and was not able to take advantage of the advanced features that Gitlab has to offer. I wanted a solution that was lightweight, open-source, and cross-platform. After some research, I decided to install Gitea.


Quick and Easy Steps to Install Docker

March 8, 2020 Patrick 3

Docker has become one of the easiest ways to manage containerized apps on Linux, Mac and even Windows Machines. Personally, I use docker to self-host a ton of apps at home. I have it running on a couple of Raspberry Pi’s, as well as a windows machine. I wanted to share my installation experience.


Using Ouroboros to painlessly dominate Docker Container updates

March 3, 2020 Patrick 0

I use Docker to run many applications on my network. Typically, in order to update an application, you have to shut down the Docker container, pull the latest image, and redeploy. If you have one or two Docker containers it shouldn’t be that much of an issue, right? But what if you have 50 Docker containers?