Wireguard in Docker

How to Install Wireguard in Docker

April 30, 2020 Patrick 7

Using a VPN is a great way to secure your personal data from getting sniffed out on public networks. You can install a VPN server on your home network and use a VPN client on your laptop or phone. The VPN client will encrypt and secure your web traffic and send it to your home network to be processed. If you have Pi-hole running on your home network as well, your VPN clients will benefit from it’s filtering capabilities no matter where you are. For this tutorial, we will be installing Wireguard in a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu 18.04.4 Bionic.

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6 Awesome Docker Utilities Everyone Should Try

April 30, 2020 Patrick 8

Now that you’ve installed Docker and learned it’s basic commands it’s time to try out some Docker utilities to make managing your Docker environment a little bit easier. These 6 utilities, aim to help you control, monitor and/or manage your docker host.

wordpress cron

Use this Easy Cron Job to Backup your Website

April 28, 2020 Patrick 0

Using cron as a quick and easy way to backup your website often goes overlooked. Website owners who use WordPress as a content management system often use WordPress plugins that can bog down their installation and make their website less responsive.

Raspberry Pi Terminal Comands

19 Simple Raspberry Pi Terminal Commands for Beginners

April 27, 2020 Patrick 0

The Raspberry Pi is an awesome single-board computer that you can use to start learning the Linux operating system. It’s got just enough processor power and ram to make itself incredibly useful. In some cases, it can even replace your desktop PC. This guide is designed to provide beginners with some simple Raspberry Pi terminal commands that will help familiarize them with basic configuration of the Raspberry Pi and how to navigate through the file system via a terminal interface.

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How to Fix the WordPress Loopback Error?

April 26, 2020 Patrick 2

WordPress is a very powerful website content management system that is used by millions. Sometimes the application will kick back errors that will make you scratch your head, such as the common loopback error that you may see when it runs a site health check.

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5 Simple Apps for Beginners to Self-Host in Docker

April 26, 2020 Patrick 3

Self-Hosting applications is a good way to enhance the security of your data. In most cases, by using self-hosted alternatives to many popular services you are ensuring that your data can’t be sold to a third party for marketing purposes. This is a list of applications that you can self-host at home.

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Huge Guide to Portainer for Beginners

April 25, 2020 Patrick 5

So you’ve finished installing and configuring Portainer, and now you are ready to dive in and see what it can do. Portainer is a simple and lightweight, but powerful application that is used to provide a web management interface that you can use to perform functions on your Docker host. This guide aims to help answer some basic questions about how to use Portainer.

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How to Install and Configure Portainer in Docker

April 23, 2020 Patrick 3

When you need to make a quick adjustment to your docker setup, you just fire up your favorite terminal app and start typing in the various commands. Using the command line to manage your Docker setup is pretty simple, but some people prefer a more visual user interface when managing their systems. Portainer gives you that visual interface.

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One Simple Fix for the HTTPS Mixed Content Error in WordPress

April 22, 2020 Patrick 2

The mixed content error is an example of how making site-wide changes to your WordPress installation can complicate things, especially when your site has been up and running for a while. Making an adjustment as simple as installing an SSL certificate and changing the site settings to point to HTTPS instead of HTTP may not always work out as planned. It can also force web browsers to give your users … (Click To Read)

Unbound DNS

Set up Unbound DNS in Docker in 5 Quick Steps

April 21, 2020 Patrick 1

When you visit a website, such as codeopolis.com your computer will contact your DNS provider and ask for the IP address of codeopolis.com so your computer can visit the site. The DNS provider will then log that request, creating a record of your visit. Can you trust that your DNS provider or Internet Service Provider (ISP) will not share or sell that information? I don’t.